We offer a  variety of products for any wedding, corporate event, company party, birthday party etc.  Our price for each product includes use of the item for up to two days.  The rental process is simple once you decide on the items you like, we’ll send you a quote/rental agreement.  There is a down payment of 50% to reserve your date.  The down payment is non-refundable and will be applied to your total.  The remaining balance needs to be paid a week prior to the date of your event.   All of our products are stored within a warehouse versus a storefront building; therefore, if interested in seeing certain items prior to your event give us a call to inquiry on show days.  Delivery fee includes round trip which is $65 within the Charlotte area; however, for all other customers please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.  It is recommended that you reserve your date as soon as possible as we can fill up quickly.  Rentals prices cover a two day rental excluding the Slushee Machine. 

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Any Decorative Barrel​ - can be added into a Barrel Bar 

The Traditional 
this is our standard style for decorative Wine Barrels
Wine Barrel Ice Cooler / Chest
The Lightly Burnt
Comes with an 8ft Table Top and 2 Wine or Whiskey Barrels 
with 3 rustic barrels 
Wedding Chairs
Wedding Sign Vintage Window
Greeting Chalkboard $20 
The American
An 8ft Table Top with 2 Wine or Whiskey Barrels 
with 3 rustic barrels 
Custom Wine Barrels
Wedding Dessert Table
Custom Wine Barrel
Event Drink Pitcher
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Wedding Welcome Sign
 Ceremony Entrance Doors

Using this french door entrance is an awesome piece of decor to highlight a grand entrance. 

 The doors can open and close too provide the dramatic flair.  Perfect when paired with our wine barrels for a unique vintage look.
7ft tall x 5ft

36in burnt wood top $15
The Traditional 
Comes with an 8ft Table Top and two Wine or Whiskey Barrels 
 with 3 rustic barrels 
Rustic Wedding Wheel
White Party Tent
10x30 set up is included 

More Crowd Pleasers 

Hangable Glass Chalkboard $30
Great for Writing & Posting Pictures On!
Wine Barrel Trash Can
Wedding Cake Stand
Vintage Distress Window  
With us lettering as above 
Double Barrel Door Bar 
Comes with a 7ft Door Top and Two Barrels

36in stained wood top $15
Vintage Wedding Theme
Rustic Event Table
 White Metal Chairs $2.00
Resin Padded Chair $4.00

Wedding Tent

Renting Details

Burnt Wood Tops
The Fan Barrel 
A Decorative Whiskey Barrel painted in Carolina Panther Colors
6 Gallon Drink Dispenser 

The M Barrel 
Is a Oak Wine Barrel that has a hand craved M 
The Cherry Swirl
Comes with an 8ft Table Top and two Wine or Whiskey Barrels 
with 3 rustic barrels 
Round Barrel Table Top
Wine Table, Made in America
Decorative Wine Barrel
Table Rental

​The Rustic

Vintage Chalkboard Window
The Simple Touch That Makes Your Event Complete
 Large Rustic Iron Carriage Wheel Measures aprox 4ftx4ft

The Mixed Triple Wine Barrel Bar 
comes with 2 Decorative & 1 Rustic Barrel

Barrel Trashcan 

Faded Honey
Comes with an 8ft Table Top and two Wine or Whiskey Barrels  
 with 3 rustic barrels 

Wine Barrel, Rustic Rentals, Event Decorations​, Wedding Ideas

Vintage Rustic Table Rentals

Our Round Tops go well on any single Barrel

wine tasting room, wine party
59 Gallon Ice Cooler

Comes with sturdy stand. The door is hinged and has a convenient drain plug at the bottom. The cooler can hold up to 100 lbs. of ice beer, wine, soda, etc. Made for outdoor use.

 36in glass top 
40in glass top

Wine Barrel Table Top
Wedding Entrance Doors
Wine Barrel and Rustic Rentals